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Our History

L.J. Robicheau & Son Fisheries Ltd.

L.J. Robicheau & Son Fisheries Ltd. is a family owned and operated business that has three generations of experience in the fish processing industry. Our business started as a one man operation. In the 1960's. Llewellyn Robicheau (Old Lew), set the foundation for this company. He purchased fish locally from longliners, processed them himself and took his product door to door. There was no discerning eye for freshness and quality than that of the Nova Scotian housewife at her kitchen door. "Lew" understood this.

He set a standard for "fine quality seafood", put his name behind it and as his sales expounded was able to include his son, Cecil Robicheau, in the operation. In the 1950's Lew formed L.J. Robicheau & Son Fisheries Ltd. and purchased a processing plant in Lake Midway, Digby Country, Nova Scotia. Employees from the local area were hired to help process fish and the company was able to expand sales because of increased production. The economy of the area was boosted by the employment and the purchase of fish from local longliners and fish draggers. In time the company was able to purchase shares in a 45 foot dragger, the "Little J" thus being able to tie the company name to fish directly from the water of the Bay of Fundy region to the kitchen table of the consumers.

Through the 70's, 80's, and 90's, L.J. Robicheau & Son Fisheries Ltd. grew and expanded sales here in Nova Scotia and the United States through the Boston markets.

2011 brought further expansion with the purchase of a larger production plant in Little River, Digby County, Nova Scotia. The plant was procurred by Llewllyn Robicheau, grandson of "old Lew". The family continues to apply the standards of quality to their products that were established in the 1960's by the company founder.

The name L.J Robicheau & Son Ltd. can now be found in fish markets across Canada and the United States. Even though we have expanded our markets on an international level, our door to door sales here in Nova Scotia play a crucial role in our company. It is the 'discerning eye" of the local buyer that establishes this standard of quality for our products. We are proud to continue the tradition started by "old Lew" over 50 years ago.

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